Major activities of AIPPI include policy formulation and expression, education, and networking.

Meetings of AIPPI

Much of the activity of AIPPI is carried out at its meetings, although increasing amounts of work are carried out between meetings, through committees and individual efforts. As of 2013, the international organization now meets at annual world Congresses. Past Congresses have been held in Melbourne, Australia (2001), Geneva, Switzerland (2004), Gothenburg, Sweden (2006), Boston, USA (2008), Seoul, Korea (2013), Helsinki, Finland (2013), Toronto, Canada (2014), Rio de Janiero, Brazil (2015), and Milan, Italy (2016).. The next Congress will be held in Sydney, Australia (2017).

In past years, when Congresses were held on a bi-ennial basis, a meeting of the AIPPI Executive Committee and an educational forum were held. The most recent Executive Committee Meeting/Forum was held in Hyderabad, India (2011).

Policy Formulation
In line with its primary purpose of developing and improving the protection of intellectual property, a major activity of AIPPI is policy formulation.

A permanent Program Committee of the international organization selects current intellectual property law topics for consideration by AIPPI. These are typically matters for which it is felt AIPPI should make its views known, such as pending or proposed intellectual property treaties and legislation. A list of the topics (termed "Study Questions") currently under consideration by AIPPI can be found on the AIPPI web site (www.aippi.org) under "Questions/Committees." Each National Group of AIPPI is asked to consider each of the Study Questions and submit a written report in response in advance of the annual Congress at which the Study Question will be discussed. The national reports are typically prepared by a committee of members of the National Groups. A national group report usually includes a summary of that country's national law with respect to the topic, as well as its views and recommendations on the matter raised by the Question.

Representatives of the various National Groups form an international committee or "Working Committee" assigned to each pending agenda item. The Working Committee reviews the reports of the National Groups as well as a Summary Report, prepared by the Reporter General and his staff, and formulates a proposed position for AIPPI on the topic. This proposal is then subject to open debate at an Executive Committee meeting or Congress of AIPPI. The position ultimately adopted by AIPPI is contained in a "Resolution." The resolutions of the international organization are found at the international organization web site (www.aippi.org) under "Publications and Services - Resolutions."

In addition to serving as expressions of AIPPI views on international intellectual property protection, the national reports, summary reports, and resolutions of AIPPI comprise a unique and highly useful body of reference material concerning the international protection of intellectual property.

Educational programs are held at the annual world Congresses. The international organization also publishes a quarterly newsletter with information regarding international intellectual property developments and the activities of AIPPI.

The adopted Resolutions serve as a basis for presenting the views of AIPPI to WIPO, Diplomatic Conferences, and other bodies considering new or changed proposals for the international protection of intellectual property.

The annual world Congresses of AIPPI bring together several thousand intellectual property practitioners from all over the world and provide an ideal opportunity for establishing contacts and mutual relationships. The same is true of Fora that are attended by smaller numbers of AIPPI members. The same is also true of work on the various committees of the international and National Group organizations.