March 31, 2014

Dear AIPPI-US Members,

This letter provides an update on our Division's activities since my last letter in January.  There is quite a bit of news, so please be sure to read to the end.    

Special AIPPI New Member Incentive:  As reported in my last update, AIPPI has approved a special program for new members who join AIPPI beginning in January, 2014.  Under this program, new members will receive two years of membership for the price of one year.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to recruit other members of your company or law firm to join our Division in advance of the 2014 September AIPPI Congress in Toronto.  Please help us get the word out and inform your friends and colleagues of this attractive program.

Nomination for AIPPI Bureau and Recommendations and Appointments to AIPPI Working Committees:   In response to the request from AIPPI for nominations for possible election to various vacancies on the AIPPI Bureau, our Division submitted one nomination for an Assistant Secretary General position.  Our Division also has recommended several other members for possible appointment to various working committees of AIPPI and to the newly proposed AIPPI Venue Selection Committee.  We are pleased that the following appointments recently have been made by the AIPPI Bureau.

Committee Q94 TRIPS - Kelly Hyndman
Committee Q132 IP and Internet - Richard Beem
Committee Q212 Trademarks - Sheldon Klein
Committee Q222 Standards and Patents - Chris Scherer
Committee Q227 Designs - Chris Carani

Several other recommendations from our Division have been placed on hold temporarily, in view of the realignment and combining of some current committees, or changes in committee leadership that are pending early decisions by the Bureau.  We expect to have several more people from our Division appointed once those decisions have been implemented.

AIPLA Committee Expo:  Our AIPPI-US Division participated in the Committee Expo last week during the AIPLA Midwinter Institute in Phoenix in January.  Thanks to the great materials received from AIPPI Canada, and the hard work of our members, Naomi Voegtli, Marc Richards, Phil Swain, and others, we had an attractive and lively booth which attracted a lot of attention at the Expo.  About 6 new members signed up on the spot, and several others renewed their memberships as a result of our encouragement. Thanks also go to Peter Schechter, and all those who assisted with the arrangements for this event.

Monthly Steering Committee Phone Conferences:  Your Division Steering Committee is continuing to hold monthly telephone conferences on the third Wednesday of each month.  If you have issues you feel should be discussed by the Steering Committee, please let me or any other Steering Committee member know.

AIPLA Spring Meeting:
  We will hold a joint meeting during the AIPLA Spring Meeting in Philadelphia (May 15-17, 2014) with the AIPLA Patent Treaties & International Policy Committee to discuss plans for an International Issues Page for the AIPLA website.  Our AIPPI-US Division has agreed to work together with this committee in preparing this page and keeping it up to date with current information.  We still need more volunteers who would like to help with this effort. 

The AIPLA Professional Programs Committee has arranged for our Division to provide several speakers for the AIPLA Spring Meeting who will address two of the four Working Questions to be discussed at next year's Toronto AIPPI Congress.  The questions to be addressed are " Second Medical Use or Indication Claims" and "The Basic Mark Requirement Under The Madrid System."  We will also be providing a speaker on the topic "Trademarks, and Geographic Indicators, and Traditional Knowledge in Current Trade/Treaty Negotiations." 

In addition, our Division will be participating in a joint session during the AIPLA Spring Meeting with the New Lawyers Committee, Mentoring Committee, and Education Committee where we will have a chance to talk about AIPPI and its activities, and sign up new members.  We also plan to have liaisons to speak about AIPPI at meetings of a number of other committees.  Let me know if you are planning to be in Philadelphia and could assist with this effort.

Working Questions for Toronto:  Our reports on the four original working questions for Toronto are all in the process of being prepared, and our teams are working hard to complete the draft reports for review and discussion by our Steering Committee.  In addition, we have asked relevant committees of AIPLA to participate in the discussion of the drafts reports at the early stage.  Our teams on the four questions are set forth below:

- Second Medical Use or Indication Claims

*Dan Altman
Josh Goldberg
Andrea Kamage
Sabing Lee
Uwe Szipl
John Livingstone
James DeZazzo

- The Basic Mark Requirement Under The Madrid System

*Maria Scungio
Kelly Hyndman
Chris Scherer
Dennis Prahl
Bob Sacoff
Clark Lackert

- Exhaustion Issues In Copyright Law

*Kevin Tottis
Rudy Hofmann  
Dale Nelson
Tammy J. Terry

- IP Licensing And Insolvency

*Marc Richards
Elise Selinger
Adam Boger
Jay Westermeier

In addition, AIPPI sent a Questionnaire in February on the issue of Prior User Rights, with the intention that this be added as a fifth working question for discussion and debate at the Toronto Congress.  Our Division put together a team on short notice to draft the response to the Questionnaire, and that response has recently been approved and sent to AIPPI.  Thanks are due to Peter Schechter and the team of people who contributed to this response, as well.

- Prior User Rights

*Peter Schechter
Alan Kasper
Sam Helfgott
Tony Venturino

* Team Chair

AIPLA IP Practice Committee Trips:  There are still some IP Practice Committees of AIPLA that are conducting trips during the coming year, as set forth below:

·          IP Practice in Japan (April 7-10) - Tokyo, Kyoto - Mtg with AIPPI Japan
      Chris Fildes at fildespat@teleweb.net 
·          IP Practice in the Far East (April 14-18) - Seoul, Daejeon, Kuala Lumpur
      Chris Maier at cjm@maierandmaier.com 
·          IP Practice in China (June 9-14) - Beijing, Xian, Tianjin
            Pat Coyne at patrick.coyne@finnegan.com 
·          IP Practice in Latin America (August 18-22) - Santiago, Buenos Aires
      Rob Wells at robert.wells@finnegan.com 

AIPPI-US members are encouraged to join these trips, where possible.  Please contact the relevant co-chairs of these committees as listed above to let them know if you are interested in joining any specific trips.

AIPPI Committee having no member from the United States:  We are seeking volunteers for possible appointment to AIPPI Committee Q 166 - IP & Genetic Resources/Traditional Knowledge.  Please let me know if you would like to serve on this committee. 

AIPPI-US representative for US Bar/JPO Liaison Council:  Our Division has been asked to appoint a representative to serve on the U.S. Bar/Japanese Patent Office Liaison Council.  Please let me know if you would be interested in serving on this Council, which meets with the Japanese Patent Office each year to discuss ongoing issues of interest to U.S. patent practitioners.

Website and Programs Coordinators:  We still need to work on updating and maintaining our website in a more current form.  Please let me know if you might be willing to help in keeping our website up to date and relevant.  In addition, we would like to increase the work of our Programs Subcommittee, so please volunteer if you have interest in working on setting up our meetings and programs in the coming year.

Mark your Calendars!:  It is probably time to start making travel plans for the 2014 AIPPI Toronto Congress, which will take place from September 14-18, 2014.  This promises to be a great meeting which is very close to home, so we hope to have a large turnout of our Division members for this meeting.  As noted above, our Division will also have a business meeting and other activities during the AIPLA Spring Meeting in Philadelphia from May 15-17, 2014.  We hope many of you can attend the AIPLA Spring Meeting, as well.  Other AIPPI events that may be of interest include the AIPPI Turkey - 3rd IP Seminar 2014, at theHarbiye Military Museum and Convention Center, Istanbul, from 7-8 April, 2014.  See the AIPPI website at www.aippi.org for more information.

Our Division needs your active support in the coming year, and I ask you to take advantage of some of the many opportunities to get more involved in the work of our Division.  We are looking forward to an active and successful year as our Division works toward the AIPPI Toronto Congress in September and beyond!

With best regards,

David W. Hill
Chair, AIPPI-US Division