March 27, 2017

To all AIPPI-US Division Members

With the arrival of Spring, the pace of AIPPI-US activities and news have picked up.

Study Committee Reports for the Sydney Congress

The Study Question work, namely the review and editing of draft reports for this year’s four study questions, is progressing. Thanks to all who have participated to date on the various Study Committees. Your hard work is very much appreciated. The Steering Committee for the US Division of AIPPI will in the coming days be reviewing the draft reports. Submission of the reports to the AIPLA Board is set for April 14. The deadline for the AIPPI-US to submit its Study Committee reports to the AIPPI Reporter General team at the Bureau is Monday, May 8, 2017.

As a quick reminder, this year’s study questions are:

  • Patentability of computer implemented inventions
  • Bad faith trademarks
  • Protection of graphical user interfaces
  • Quantification of monetary relief

Opportunities for US members to speak in Panel Sessions at the Sydney Congress

As it does each year, the AIPPI International Bureau and the Organizing Committee for the Sydney Congress have announced a list of Panel Sessions (workshops) set to take place at the Congress this October 13 through 18. The topics are provided below. Further information can be viewed here.

Sunday, Oct. 15

  • Panel Session 1: The best kept (trade) secret: a real life scenario
  • Briefing: Development and IP (see link for details)
  • Panel Session 2: On a different note - Copyright and Music
  • Panel Session 3: Don’t take it for granted - Developments in post-grant proceedings.
  • Panel Session 4: The business of IP - IP and competition
  • Panel Session 5: The business of IP - Venturing with IP
  • Panel Session 6: The business of IP - Big Data, big issues

Monday, Oct. 16

  • Pharma Session 1: Sufficiently plausible?
  • Pharma Session 2: Injunctions: innovator vs. innovator
  • Pharma Session 3: Medical devices and patents - a shot in the arm for pharma?
  • Pharma Session 4: Digital health - your health on (the) line
  • Panel Session 8: Partial Designs - full protection?
  • Panel Session 9: Funny, bad taste or out of order? Morality and public order in trademarks
  • Panel Session 10: The middleman - intermediary liability

Tuesday, Oct. 17

  • Panel Session 11: How much for your FRAND?
  • Panel Session 12: What’s the (technical) problem?

***If you are interested to present on one of these topics, please let me know as soon as possible, or contact the AIPPI reporter general team. The deadline for response is Friday, March 31.

Future Congress Locations

At the Milan Congress, the AIPPI Executive Committee took into consideration the possibility of adjustments in future meeting location plans. We have recently been informed that there has been a switch in the meeting lineup, to which the respective national groups involved have agreed. Accordingly, the future meeting locations shall be:

  • 2018 - Cancun
  • 2019 - London
  • 2020 - Hangzhou
  • 2021 - San Francisco
  • 2022 - Istanbul

We welcome volunteers who wish to participate on AIPPI-US Division’s San Francisco Congress Planning Committee. Please let me, Marc Richards or Dan Brownstone know, if you would like to be a part of this committee.

Upcoming AIPLA International Practice Committee Trips

Each year or so, AIPLA International Practice Committees travel overseas to meet with various IP groups, including intellectual property office officials, law association groups and in-house attorneys, as well as members of the AIPPI national group in the destination country(ies). The delegations of AIPLA IP Practice Committee members who make these trips have limited space available to AIPPI US Division members who are interested in participating. The upcoming trips are:

  • IP Practice in the Far East - May 8 to 12 (Taiwan, Korea)
  • IP Practice in Europe - June 11 to 17 (Paris, Munich, Venice, London)
  • IP Practice in China - November 12 to 17 (dates are still in approval stage, Beijing, Chengdu)

And last, but not least:

Renewal of Your AIPPI-US/AIPLA Membership!

Our group of 550 AIPPI-US members makes us an important national group “voice” within AIPPI. I encourage you to renew your membership (or at least indicate your plan to renew), as soon as possible. Your continued participation is valued. The link to do so is here.

If you have already renewed, or have recently joined as a new member, thank you. Spread the good word to others, and encourage potential new members to consider joining us. If you have any questions about renewal, let us know.

Upcoming Activities of AIPPI-US:

  • May 17 - 19: AIPLA Spring Meeting in San Diego, California
  • June 21: AIPLA ECLC Summit - Toronto
  • July 13: AIPPI-US Educational Forum - Chicago
  • Oct. 13 - 18: AIPPI World Congress in Sydney, Australia
  • Oct. 19 - 21: AIPLA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC


Maria A. Scungio

Chair, AIPPI-US Division